What is an RMT?

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Massage therapy treatments provided by a Registered Massage Therapist can offer significant benefits for a variety of conditions and for diverse patient populations.

Whether you need to have a moment of relaxation, reduce muscle tension or attain relief from chronic pain, massage therapy can enhance your overall well-being.

Massage therapy can help alleviate musculoskeletal disorders associated with everyday stress, muscular overuse, physical manifestation of mental distress and many persistent pain syndromes.

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Sports & Fitness Lifestyle

Sports massage therapy has been a time-honoured practice dating back to ancient Greece and Rome. Sports massage therapy can be included in a training program as a pre-event warm up or post-event cool down to aid performance and assist in injury prevention. Current...

Deep Tissue Massage

Even before Covid-19 there was a large demand for massage services, but now with all the work from home setups, sitting for long work sessions in the one spot, our bodies have had to adjust just as much as our normal habbits have had too. This has put alot of strain...


Fibromyalgia (fi-bro-my-Al-juh) syndrome (FMS) is a chronic health problem that causes pain all over the body. Some of the other symptoms of fibromyalgia: Migraine or tension headaches, pelvic pain. Symptoms may include Chronic widespread body pain as well as...

Sports & Fitness Massage

Sports and Fitness massage's help to keep your muscles and joints at peak performance. By making massage as much a part of your routine as the gym, or training - especially for high impact sports and activities you are better prepared for the challenges you intend to...


A woman’s body undergoes major physiological, structural and emotional changes during pregnancy. Some women experience muscle and joint pain. Stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue can also be problematic for pregnant women. Pregnancy-related low back and pelvic pain...

Relaxation & Pain Relief

With everything happening in our busy lives , making time for our own self-care can be at the end of our long to do lists. Your body will always send clues when it’s time to listen. Tension, pain, aches, anxiety and stress are all reminders, letting you know it’s time...


Headaches have many causes. Typically, headaches treated by a Registered Massage Therapist may include: Tension Headache: this most common headache is likely due to chemical changes triggering brain nerves and blood vessels. Migraine Headache: scientists don’t know...


Whiplash is a condition resulting from an acceleration deceleration transfer of energy to the neck. Automobile accidents, sports injuries and occupational mishaps are events that can cause this injury. Symptoms: Whiplash may result in boney, muscle, nerve and other...

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Before and After Pregnancy

Becoming a mom is an incredible experience, I know! - I have 4 kids! With motherhood comes change. It’s helpful to find outlets that can naturally treat common symptoms that arise as your body continues to adjust as the baby grows.  Nurture yourself and your growing...