Cancer is a disease in which cells of an organ or tissue fail to respond to normal control mechanisms, growing and multiplying out of control. Massage therapy is increasingly being included in treatment programs for cancer patients at clinics and hospitals around the world.

Research shows massage therapy can enhance cancer patients qualify of life, but massage does not treat the disease itself.


Registered Massage Therapists may help to:

  • Reduce pain
  • Increase general well-being
  • Lessen anxiety and stress
  • Lessen nausea, insomnia & depression
  • Manage symptoms of lymphedema

Precaution: RMTs avoid massage therapy directly over known tumors and sites where metastasis may be predicted.

Caution is exercised in patients with boney metastases, who may be prone to fracture. Currently, no evidence indicates that massage therapy promotes tumor metastasis. However, make sure to always check with your health care professionals.